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Please complete this Waiver and you are registered!

Waiver and Assumption of Risk:

I understand and agree that training my dog as a private session or in a class has its risks for members of my family, guests, my dog because some dogs I may be exposed to could be difficult, reactive, and could cause injury despite the skill of the handler.

I hereby release and waive Hamilton Animal Hospital (HAH, Inc.), Fur Street Pet Salon, Hopewell Veterinary Hospital (HVH, INC) and Right Steps Dog Training, LLC its employees, officers, members and directors and agents and Carol Millinghausen, CPDT-KA or any other trainers, assistants and volunteers from any and all liability of any kind for injury or damage which I or my dog could suffer, including but without limitation to any injury or damage resulting from the action of any dog while attending any training session in the building or on the grounds of HAH, Inc., Fur Street Pet Salon, HVH, Inc., or any other location Carol Millinghausen has chosen to train, the grounds or the surrounding area there to.

Because I am participating in training classes at HAH, Inc., Fur Street Pet Salon, HVH, Inc., or any location under the direction of Carol Millinghausen, I understand that both my dog and I will be exposed to or otherwise in the presence of other dogs. I understand that HAH, Inc., Fur Street Pet Salon, HVH, Inc. and Carol Millinghausen, the Board of Directors, Officers, employees or instructors do not warrant or otherwise ensure my safety or the safety of my dog during classes or in the time preceding or following classes.

In the event that either I, my family, guests or dog is injured by another dog in any way while on the premises of HAH, Inc., Fur Street Pet Salon, HVH, Inc. or any location Carol Millinghausen is holding a training class, prior to or after class,
I agree to hold harmless HAH, Inc.,
Fur Street Pet Salon, HVH, Inc. owners of any location used for training, Carol Millinghausen, CPDT-KA, any employee, its Board owners of any public location used for training of Directors, trainers and Officers, for any injury, pain or suffering sustained by myself and or my dog, guests and/or family members. I understand that this Waiver and Assumption of Risk Agreement is a condition for my participation in training classes at HAH, Inc., Fur Street Pet Salon, HVH, Inc. Carol Millinghausen and any location deemed appropriate to train classes by Carol Millinghausen.
Informed Consent COVID-19:
I understand that the novel coronavirus, COVID-19 has been declared a worldwide pandemic by the World Health Organization. I further understand that COVID-19 is extremely dangerous and believed to be spread by person – to-person contact and as a result, Federal and State Health Agencies recommend social distancing and the wearing of masks. I understand that Right Steps Dog Training, LLC has put into place, reasonable safety measures to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. I understand that exposure to COVID-19 before, during and after a training class or private session may result in the following: a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, extended isolation and additional tests, and hospitalization, illness or death. I agree to wear a mask when requested by Carol and/or her colleagues. I agree to hold harmless Carol Millinghausen, Right Steps Dog Training, LLC and any employee, assistant, volunteer, mentee, its Board of Directors, trainers and officers for any injury, illness, pain or suffering sustained by myself and/or my dog, guests and /or family members.

Class Information:
Welcome to training! Please arrive on time for class and go directly to your place.  We ask that you do not permit your dog to greet any other dog in the class, before class or after class.  Not all dogs like to meet on leash. Please bring an exercised and hungry dog that has been given the opportunity to eliminate prior to class.  All dogs must wear a flat collar, head collar or harness.  No choke or prong collars please. Also bring with you an assortment of high value treats broken into small pieces for treats.  All dogs must be current on vaccinations, including Bordetella and you must bring the most recent record of shots with you to the first class. Dogs must be current on some sort of flea preventative. Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing and sneakers or sturdy shoes.  No flip flops or open toe shoes please.

Cancellation Policy:  If class is canceled for any reason, you will receive an email no less than 2 hours prior to class. Please be sure to check your email before class each session.  The trainer could be ill or there could be inclement weather. 
Refund Policy: Full refunds are granted after the first session. 

Please note that by filling out the below form you are agreeing to sign the contract, waiver, and COVID-19 waiver. Payment can be made in cash or check, or VENMO at @Carol Millinghausen on the first day of class provided prior arrangements have been made. Checks are to be made out to Right Steps Dog Training, LLC.  Please forward or bring with you the most recent record of vaccinations available. No one will be admitted to class without these records. 
Photo Release: I understand that occasionally Right Steps Dog Training, LLC would like to use training photos and/or photos of training techniques for marketing and teaching purposes in recordings. I authorize Right Steps Dog Training, LLC, to use my photo or YouTube for promotion, Facebook, and its website. I hereby release and agree to hold harmless Right Steps Dog Training, LLC, and its agents, employees, mentees, assistants, and stockholders from all claims and liability relating to said

We’re looking forward to class.  Please don’t hesitate to call, text or email any questions.

We’re looking forward to class.  Please don’t hesitate to call, text or email any questions.

Fill out this Contract Form and email it to Carol:

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.
By typing your name you are signing and agreeing to the terms listed above.

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