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Virtual Dog Training

Why Virtual Dog Training Works

There are many reasons why you might not want to transport your dog to training lessons. Whether you are uncomfortable with health concerns during these challenging times, need to be able to work with your dog on a lunch hour, or want to have the whole family present, our virtual dog training provides you with a useful alternative.  

You don’t need to get into your car or drive to a class. Just be ready with your dog and let us zoom into your living room. Right Steps Dog Training has hosted virtual training sessions since April 2020, with great success. 

We are here to help you reach your training aspirations.  Training online in the privacy of your home, is perfect for worried or shy dogs. If your dog is reactive to others, or nervous in new environments, I urge you to try our virtual training. Group classes may be too stressful and the dog goes “over threshold”.  This is when the dog cannot be calm and commonly barks, lunges, snarls or even tries to escape the classroom etc.  Perhaps your dog gets car sick and you don’t want to drive to a class. 

By meeting virtually, your dog is not stressed by a car ride, the noise or chaos of a class of 8 dogs or a trainer / stranger working closely with him. Instead, you’ll meet with a trainer, online, who will coach your training virtually.  

Do you have a new puppy?  We also have virtual one on one sessions on “what to do before you pick up the puppy” covering crate and housetraining, needed supplies, management tools and what to do when the puppy cries in his crate. It’s perfect for working on common puppy problems such as, teething, biting, nipping, barking as well as learning good manners in the home.  With this class, you’ll be able to nip the problem behaviors in the bud, before they are learned and practiced.

Virtual dog training works for teaching all behaviors: sit/down/stay; drop it/leave it/take it; walking on leash, coming when called etc. We have even helped teach you how to socialize a puppy during a period of social distancing. Almost all of our dog training services are now offered to you in person, or remotely. Just reach out to us at Right Steps Dog Training to sign up today.


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