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In Person Dog Training Classes

Private In Home Dog Training

For those with tight schedules, private in home dog training lessons from Right Steps Dog Training are the answer. These lessons offer a great option for anyone wanting to work on problem behaviors they encounter in the home such as jumping on guests, door bolting, and barking at you or at others.  Maybe your dog pulls on the leash, dragging you down the street or doesn’t respond when called to come.  We can obedience train your dog in the privacy of your home.

Your dog may be fearful of anyone coming to the home or approaching while on leash. Perhaps your dog is reactive on leash, rearing up, barking or pulling you down the street. Whether it is because your dog wants to play with another or because your dog is fearful of others and wants them to go away, you need behavior modification.  We can help with these in person dog training classes.
Do you have more than one dog and they are not getting along?  Give us a call.  We’ll teach you how to manage them and write up a protocol to practice. Is your dog “guarding” a toy, bone, food bowl or you?  We can help.

In home dog training is also perfect for the shy or worried dog. Training at home can help these dogs in a stress free environment. These dogs become aroused or highly stressed when near other dogs or people.  Let Right Steps Dog Training help you counter-condition him so that your pet looks forward to visits from others.

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