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Dog Training Classes

Searching for Puppy Training Near Me? We Can Help

One of the most important things you can do for your puppy is to enroll in a puppy socialization and basic manners class.  This is because our pups go through several fear periods by the age of 2. You want to build a “padded” puppy as Pat Miller says, one that is less likely to worry about new things and objects and more likely to take novel situations, people, dogs and experiences in stride.

At Right Steps Dog Training, "socialization" consists of more than simple exposure to new things. It refers to the learning process that a puppy must undergo to learn key life skills which ensure that they are happy and confident in their environment, and can communicate effectively within their social group. If you’ve been searching for “puppy training near me”, our classes stand out as the most comprehensive and dedicated.

These dog training classes focus on socialization of the dog to new people and dogs outside of the family or immediate unit as the prime window for puppy socialization is 8 to 16 weeks of age.  During this period in a puppy’s life, they are more open to new experiences provided those experiences are introduced in a positive, happy and carefree way. We strive to help you understand what your puppy is communicating to you and work to build a mutual relationship of trust.

These puppy training classes are open to any puppy 8+ weeks – 5 months of age. You’ll learn how to desensitize your puppy to handling for ear and teeth cleaning. Your Veterinarian and groomer will love you for this.  We offer loads of puppy play with narration about what play behaviors mean, and we introduce the puppy to objects such as teeter totters, tunnels, wobble boards and new surfaces. Basic manners are covered and we offer a rolling admissions schedule.  This means that you can start at any time.  You don’t have to wait for the start of a new class.

Right Steps Dog Training puppy classes are scientifically based, fear and force free.  All our dog training classes use only positive reinforcement methods to build a gratifying, loving relationship between you and your dog.

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