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Beginner Dog Training

Beginner Dog Training

For beginners, dog training can appear overwhelming, especially when it is the first time owning a dog. In most cases, the training process is a big project that should be taken seriously. Proper dog training is one of the basic needs of owning a pet, with a recommendation to start training your dog as soon as possible. With the help of sessions from Right Steps Dog Training, you can start achieving your dog’s training goals.

Classes are designed to help your pet socialize, learn basic good manners and improve communication between you and your dog. Beginner classes are for any dog 5+ months in age or any 4+ old puppy who has completed the puppy socialization class.

Classes are designed to help your pet socialize, learn basic good manners, and improve communication between you and your dog. The beginner training class provides exposure to new dogs and their humans in a positive way. They also allow your pets to develop canine social savvy while interacting in a controlled setting. While there are no guarantees in dog behavior, the socialization of dogs at a young age is crucial for the development of your pet. It can help inhibit fear or aggression issues from developing in the future, thus benefiting your dog and allowing both you and them to live a less stressful life together. 

Foundation behaviors and skills such as relaxation on a mat, leash walking, coming when called, staying when asked, sitting, and waiting are learned. The training can also target age-related behavioral problems such as jumping, barking and digging. You’ll learn how to “read” your dog’s body language and what he is communicating to you.  You’ll also gain skill in building these behaviors first at home, then at home around distractions and later with distance.

If you’ve been searching for “dog training near me”, you’ve just found the professional, experienced choice. Take the “right steps” and enroll your dog today in Right Steps Dog Training.

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