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Advanced Dog Training Services

Advanced Dog Training Services

Do you have an out of control adolescent dog?  Does your dog bolt out of any open door or car?  Does he relentlessly steal items and run with them?  Have you been desperately searching for “dog training classes near me”? Then Impulse Control classes from Right Steps Dog Training can help you. 

Over 50% of all dogs in shelters and rescues are adolescent dogs between the ages of 10 months and 3 years of age.  Dogs are in adolescence an average of a year to 2 years of age, some longer.

You are eligible to join this class after completing a Right Steps Dog Training Beginner class.  We need the basic skills from this beginner class to build these behaviors despite distance, duration and distractions. These can be considered advanced dog training services, so certain fundamentals are required to begin teaching these more difficult concepts to your pet.

If you want your dog to be reliable, impulse control must be developed and then honed.  We want to build a “thinking” dog and be sure to reinforce the good choices he makes.  This class addresses waiting at doors, advanced eye contact, duration of sit/down stays despite being able to see you, stand and stay, heeling, coming back to you when called despite being distracted and more. We hone loose leash walking skills and build more reliability and rate of response in all behaviors.

These advanced dog training services will help you fade the lure, reduce the treating and move the dog toward the verbal control needed to progress to Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog training.  From week 8 to week 200, Right Steps Dog Training is here to guide your dog to positive behaviors and less stress, always building on the lessons of the past.

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